Stickers - Clear Sticker Paper - Translucent Inkjet Stickers

Stickers - Clear Sticker Paper - Translucent Inkjet Stickers
Item# PSCT

Product Description

Clear Transparent Photographic Inkjet Stickers

Make Custom Stickers & Labels!
Stickers are fun, useful, decorative and expressive.

Photo Quality Full Sheet Stickers work with all popular inkjet printers.

Print your high resolution photos and your custom sticker designs.
You'll be amazed with the quality.

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Print text, graphics, photos or your own designs on photo quality sticker sheets.

Sticker design ideas:

  • laptops
  • guitars
  • drum sets
  • hobby models
  • skateboards
  • electrical appliances
  • inspection packages
  • promotional adverstising items
  • candles
  • journals
  • notebooks
  • video game consoles
  • lunchboxes

Clear Photo Stickers package size:

10 Sheets per package
Sheet size: 8.5" x 11"
Thickness: .05 mm

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